Essence of Detailing Your Cars

Detailing a vehicle needs beyond the typical way of cleaning job. Auto detailing involves focusing on the tiny parts of the car. A professional auto detailing always start with interior parts, so don’t worry regarding messing up the exterior parts while detailing the interior. A comprehensive auto detailing process involves attending & cleaning to the problems pertaining to:

  • Exterior trim
  • Exterior trim
  • Paint care
  • Headlights & taillights
  • Wheels & chassis

When it comes in detailing your car, one of the most important things you need to consider is choosing the right people to work with. A skilled, talented and professional auto detailing louisville ky can vastly enhance the appearance, quality, condition and overall protection of your car. Apart from that, you will have peace of mind knowing that there is somebody whom you can trust your car. Not only your vehicles or car will be benefited by the auto detailing, but also you, as the owner.
Benefits of Auto Detailing
* Comfort
Perhaps, most people want to have comfortable feeling when driving or riding in a car. Comfort is one of the main keys to have a successful and fun ride or driving. If the seats of your car are dirty, you will not be able to have comfortable ride neither your passengers nor other colleagues. Comfort is one of the benefits you can get with auto detailing. If you always aim to make your car clean, great looking, valuable and comfortable to ride, auto detailing is the best solution. By hiring professional and expert people to do the job, you will be able to get the best results that you are looking for.
* Appearance
No doubt, most of you want to make your car always look great and presentable. The appearance of your car always reflects on your personality. So, if you want other people to have good impression on you, make sure that your car always look great and neat whenever you hit the road. The auto detailing service is the best solution to make the appearance of your car great and beautiful, as the process involves thoroughly cleaning all the parts of your car.
* Resale Value
When your car is always clean and has great look all the time, it will always increase the value of your car. That is more important when you are planning to sell your car. If your car is old, but still you maintain its cleanliness, there is always the high possibility for the buyers to attract in your car. Remember that the looks of your car, always speaks for itself. And more potential buyers will be encouraged to buy your car, without lowering its value.

* Protection from damage of the sun
Under the extreme heat of sunlight, the exterior and interior paint of your car can blister, chip, crack or fade. But, regular thoroughly cleaning of your car can prevent those sun damages. It is because auto detailing involves applying protectants and waxing to the exterior & interior, which will prevent the heat of the sun to harm the sensitive surfaces of your car.

How to Care for Your Car’s Leather

auto detailing
If you want your leather to retain its beauty, it has to be properly cared for and that involves cleaning and conditioning it. Compared to salvaging leather that’s near to ruin, it’s a lot easier and inexpensive to take the time to protect and condition your car’s fine leather upholstery. So how do you properly care for your car’s leather?
When you don’t take care of your leather properly, ignoring it and mistreating it, what will remain is leather that’s dried, aged and cracked. If you don’t properly care and condition it, it will quickly lose its luster and flexibility. What’s more, the leather ages even more rapidly in warmer climates. If you want to ensure that your car’s leather upholstery is at its best, here are the steps to follow.
How to Properly Care for Leather
Leather surfaces, in order to retain its beauty, have to be carefully cleansed before properly conditioned. What you need to know is that as it ages, it naturally loses the vital protectants which are infused in the leather in the manufacturing process. When the protectants are gone, the leather becomes susceptible to oil and dirt as well as UV damage. On that note, what you need to do is first, clean the leather and then replace the lost moisture and protectants of the leather.
Use the Right Leather Cleaner
Interior detailing cleaning the car’s leather, make sure to use pure leather cleaner, one that’s free of silicone oils, petroleum solvents or gloss agents and able to penetrate deep into the leather’s pore. In applying, you can use an applicator pad or brush but don’t scrub, simply agitate the leather. This way, you can open the leather’s pores so the dirt and body oils rise to the surface. With that, you can just wipe them away. Make sure to thoroughly clean the leather before you move on to the next step.
Apply a Great Quality Conditioner on Your Leather
After cleaning, the next step is to condition your leather. In doing so, make sure that you use only the best quality leather conditioner. With applying conditioner, your leather will be nourished and moisturized, absorbing deep of its fibers. This way, the fibers of your leather will retain its resilience and hold back in prematurely aging. If you properly condition your leather, it will retain its softness and flexibility.
Proper care of leather generally takes only these two steps. But the key is not to brush the leather and choose just the right conditioner. What you need to remember is that brushing will only harm your leather more and there are some conditioners that contain gloss agents, silicone oils or other substances that leave greasy finish which transfers to clothing.
Make sure to avoid these kinds of cleansers and also to choose water-based and PH-balanced conditioner for your leather for maximum health of your leather. So this is how you can properly care for your car’s leather on your own. With just the right products and a little time, you can ensure your leather’s supple and soft for years.

How to Clean Your Car like a Professional

When it comes to caring for your car’s exterior, wash and wax is really the best way to keep it shiny and clean. Truthfully, those quick car washes with the big brushes used to clean your car can do more harm than good in cleaning your car. If you want to achieve the best results, a do-it-yourself car wash is what you need. After, isn’t it you who really knows what your car needs?
Wash and wax is truly the best way to keep your car perfectly clean and shiny. However, there’s definitely more to taking care of your car more than these two. So what does it take to properly wash your car, make sure its exterior and interior are both shiny and clean? Well, here are some tips that can help you take care of your car as if you are a pro.
Check Your Car’s Condition
First things first, check the condition of your car. By evaluating your car’s condition, you will be steered towards the right way of how it should be cleaned. For instance, if your car is new or still has fairly good coat of was on it, then your job may just take simple wash and wax. But if it has fairly neglected exterior, then it may also need some polishing as well.
Check the Label of Your Cleaning Agent
When cleaning your car, before ever using any type of cleaning agent or chemical, it’s incredibly important to always read the label. How the cleaning chemical, wax, detailer or soap is used to clean your vehicle usually varies, from brand to brand and from vehicle to vehicle. If you don’t want your car to get ruined because you didn’t read the label of your cleaning agent, then start doing it now.
Wash Car with Car Washing Soap
The next step is washing your car. By washing, you can loosen the contaminants like dirt and dust on your car’s exterior. When washing your car, make sure to always use car washing detailing louisville ky Some people use dish cleaner or liquid detergent to wash their car but these things may damage your car’s paint and strip its wax. First, rinse the car to remove some of the dirt then wash it again with soap.
Use Clay Bar for Removing Stubborn Contaminants
When you’re done washing, you will be able to easily see scratches, oxidations and bonded contaminant. For removing these, you can use a clay bar which is able to remove everything off your car’s surface. It will also help restore your car’s smoothness. Hold it in your palm then run it across the car’s surface.
Polishing and Waxing Your Car
To add extra gloss to your car, there’s polishing but it’s really optional. By doing this, you can add some depth of color to your car. This will also give added gloss before the waxing. Then with waxing, you will be able to add another layer of protection to your car to prevent fading and preserves your car’s high gloss finish.

How to Winterize Car’s Exterior

auto detailingDuring winter, providing added protection for your car’s exterior is important to maintain the paint, wheels and glass. The fact is that snow and ice when you scrape to remove can be hard for your vehicle which in turn is hard for you. On that note, here are a few tips on how to winterize your car’s exterior to ensure your vehicle is running well this winter.

Check Wiper Blades
To drive safely, you need to clearly see the road but with winter precipitation build up and salt on your windshield, your visibility is greatly reduced. To make sure that accidents don’t happen while you’re on the road, make sure your windshield wipers are working and that there’s enough supplier of wiper fluid to make sure you have clean line of sight even if it’s the middle of snowstorms.
 Check Tire Pressure
One way to prevent getting into accidents or your car getting the worse brunt of winter, you can get a snow tire to replace your regular tires. But if you don’t want to, what you can do is to make sure it is properly inflated. The air pressure in your tires tend to drop during cold weather and by always making sure it is properly inflated, then you can be sure that your car have safe traction while driving during winter.
Change the Oil
For your car to run, you have to make sure it is properly lubricated with oil. But the problem is cold weather reduces the effectiveness of the oil. The colder it gets, the thicker the oil becomes and thick oil is not as effective as thin oil. To prevent oil problems, choose oil that is much thinner and also adjust the viscosity based on the climate.
Check Car Battery
Winter’s cold weather is hard for car’s battery since chemical reactions needed for generating power in car battery slows down when in extreme cold temperatures. Also, during cold weather the engine needs more current to get it started. With that, make sure to have a battery load test run to see if you need your battery replaced and so the mechanic can do what’s needed to keep it running in the cold weather.
Use Paint Sealant for Protecting Car Paint
Road salt which is used to de-ice the roads is also harsh for your car as it can de-paint it. To prevent this, you can use a high quality wax or a paint sealant to protect your car’s paint. Combine this with proper maintenance and you will be sure that your paint finish will get through the wintry conditions that threaten it. Calling an auto detailing louisvilly ky is also a good idea.
Use Car Cover When You Have to Park Outside
When you have to park outside in the winter months, using a car cover will protect it. The right car cover can surely provide heavy duty protection for your car against moisture, elements as well as impact. With these, rest assured that you can minimize any damage that your car might sustain because of harsh winter condition.